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An Immersive, New Tabletop RPG

Mythis Tabletop RPG Races

We Aim to Provide the Full Tabletop RPG Experience, Without Breaking the Bank

  • Design Your Next Adventure
  • Engage in Epic Combat, or a Game of Political Intrigue
  • Monsters, Magic, Mayhem… Or Just a Relaxing Journey Among Friend, you decide.

Whether you’re a Player or GM, we have the tools you need. Delve into the world of Mythis with your friends and discover the endless possibilities to set forth on a new adventure in our world. You can use our rulesets to inspire and deepen the world you want to create, or dive headlong into our world via our World Primer, the only limit is your imagination. 

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How to Get Started Playing Mythis?

Being fans of tabletop RPGs for over 25 years, we have found that the costs involved with getting in to the hobby can be quite steep. Sharing a set of the core rule books isn’t always an option, especially with the increasing popularity of playing over the internet!

We want to make it as simple as possible to get started having a great time with our game system. Inspired by other D20 systems, there is plenty you’ll be familiar with as a TTRPG veteran, or if you’re just getting started it’s easy to hop right in, all you need to do is:
  1. Download Our Core Rule Book, the Quick-start Guide
  2. Read through and decide with your group how you will adapt your gameplay style within Mythis. Our Quick-start Guide is to be used more as guidelines than strict rules, offering alternate ways of playing to fit your groups needs. Feel free to adapt them however you see fit!
  3. Download our Character Sheet to help you build your first character 
  4. Delve into the new world of your design and enjoy!
Explore the World of Mythis a new Tabletop RPG

Explore the World of Mythis

From Alondon to the Empire of Nulkhol, explore the vast world of Mythis! Rich with Lore, Religion, Magic and more. 

Your imagination and creativity are limitless, and Mythis was designed to be equally expansive. Use maps, minis, or complete theater of the mind; explore dungeons, cities or  different dimensions entirely, your gameplay will feel no bounds. 

An exciting world of awaits, whether you play by 100% the book, cherry-pick your favorite parts of our world, or just use our core rules as a jumping off point, you’re in for one hell of an adventure. We aim to provide your group with the tools to explore your wildest imaginations. 

Our World Primer sets the stage for your party’s next adventure. Dive deep into the lore of the land, and get immersed into your first Mythis  Adventure.

Journey to the Portal of Madness Starter Adventure

Looking to get a quick taste of what Mythis has to offer? Try running our starter adventure we created to give you a taste of the possibilities our system has to offer!

Your party arrives in the city of Torta, the city of adventurers, nestled against the Scorpion Lands, a vast and treacherous desert! Grab some drinks at the tavern, fight some undead, but be careful not to awaken an ancient being none to happy to be disturbed. 

Note: It’s recommended that the players don’t spoil the adventure and read ahead! Players  should download the player map, and the GM should download the GM Map and Adventure to describe the world to the players.

Journey to the Portal of Madness Tabletop RPG Campaign Cover

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